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Modulo, originally Modulo-béton, is a modular solution for facilities where residents and small businesses can drop off their reusable and recyclable materials and sometimes excess garbage they want to dispose off.

In an increasing number of communities people are or are becoming more familiar with names like Public Drop Off Centres, Convenience Centres, Recycling Centres, Community Recycling Centres.

The solution has many names.  Each Country, each area, sometimes each community, uses different names. As an example,  in the UK they call these centres Civic Ammenity sites, in French language speaking Quebec, Canada  they call them Eco Centres, while in France they call them Déchetteries.

These Centres have one thing in common: they are there to establish important goals like reduction of illegal dumping initially and ultimately increasing reuse and recycling with as a result cleaner communities and a reduction of materials going to landfills.

Another thing these Centres have in common: once communities start a drop off centre they quickly find out that residents and small businesses really like to use these sites.

Regulations, change, management practices change, needs change. One thing is certain:  a constant changing environment is creating the need for drop off locations to be designed and executed in such way that they can facilitate a continuous changing environment.

In most areas, Communities start with a solution almost completely focussed on reducing the costs related to illegal dumping. Depending on the area, these costs can be significant. With the increasing focus on reuse and recycling wordwide, those sites increasingly are changing into added services solutions, accepting more and more reusable and recyclable materials, becoming education centres, and even providing repair- and product sales solutions.

Modulo provides modular solutions for garbage drop off and waste managment. It designs, supplies and installs very flexible solutions using modular concrete elements with a lot of benefits as compared to sites with bins on the ground or elevated poured in place elevated deck drop off solutions. The benefits of its solutions are an increased health and safety environment, reduced development and construction costs, the use of the space on top of the deck as well as under the deck, the ability to adapt to changing situations easily as well as the ability to move the sites in case needed.