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Rigaud, Quebec

Modulo Recycle

“We are very happy to finally have an Ecocentre in Rigaud! We have been waiting for this project for several years. Already, many citizens were using  Rigaud”s collection services to collect construction and demolition materials.

Niagara, Ontario , Hazardous Waste

Modulo Recycle

Bob Vanyo:” The concrete modular design fits with the purpose of the depot, and is industrial in appearance.Depot staff often receives comments how nice the depot looks and is kept.

St Remi, Quebec

Modulo Recycle

Frederic Isabald, Head of Public Works in Saint Remi: “The Modulo Eco Centre provides more advantages for a comparable price. We are impressed by the speed of the work, the quality of the work, as well as the way the system looks.

Kanasetake, Quebec

Modulo Recycle

Eugene Nicolas, Environmental Project Manager, Mohawk Council of Kanasetake commented: “ This site was developed as part of the environmental program we are implementing to reduce illegal dumping and improving our control of waste and management.