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Hazardous Waste Solution Galten, Denmark

Modulo Recycle

Modulo has successfully completed the hazardous waste solutions at Galten Recycling Site, Reno Syd, Denmark. The modules ensure compliance with regulations and ensure safe storage of hazardous waste, facilitating to separate storage for the different hazardous waste classes.

The solution includes automatically closing fire-rated doors, explosion-proof lighting, aeration including point suction for 15 drums, exit doors, exit signs.

The Galten Modulo project includes 6 modules.

At one end of the solution, there is an emergency exit door, which is only served by the space workers. Waste-proof vessels are fitted with mounted electrical windows for collecting hazardous waste.

Modulo’s hazardous waste solution ensures a safe environment for humans and material- Johnny Pedersen, Operations Manager Renosyd

From waste to value Renosyd is a waste company owned by Odder Municipality and Skanderborg Municipality. Renosyd serves businesses and citizens in an area of 66,123 hectares with a total of approximately 80,000 inhabitants. Renosyd is a modern and versatile waste company with 70 competent employees.

Hazardous Waste Drop Off Centre


Modulo Recycle


New environmental site for Halsa residents.

Modulo installed the facility in one day.

The Southern Meløy residents live in a remote area. Before the new site was installed, they had to drive between 65 and 100 km to get rid of their waste. This has meant that the waste has in many cases was dumped

The operators at Halsa and Halsa Grendelag contacted Iris to express their desire for the drop off project at Halsa. Within a year after the meeting, Iris decided to build it.

Meløy area has 2500 residents, with Halsa as a natural meeting point.

Arriving at Halsa environment drop off centre residents will enter the site driving onto the ramp to dispose of their residual waste as well as recyclables eg wood, metal, etc. Soil, gravel and stone etc. must be disposed of in bins on the ground. Hazardous waste drop off ocurs inside he Modulo structure

Halsa Miljøtorv
Holandsfjordveien 133
8178 Halsa

Modulo Recycling & Reuse Centres

Metro Vancouver Moves to Tackle Illegal Dumping

Modulo Recycle

New research from Metro Vancouver shows that while most people hate seeing couches, mattresses and appliances littering the streets, many still engage in illegal dumping and often consider it a valid form of recycling.

Illegal dumping is a costly problem for local municipalities, who are saddled with $5 million per year in costs associated with clean-up and the operation of bulky item pick up programs. In an effort to reduce illegal dumping throughout the region, Metro Vancouver is teaming up with its members to better educate residents on how to properly dispose of unwanted items.

“Our residents all want to keep their communities clean, but many aren’t aware of the options available for properly disposing of bulky items,” said Malcolm Brodie, Chair of the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee. “Our aim is to provide residents with information to help them properly recycle or dispose of their old items, eliminating a common eye-sore and reducing costs for their community.”

This month, Metro Vancouver will launch an initiative with the goal of encouraging residents to move past their rationalizations for abandoning waste. Residents will be directed to a new website providing information on legal disposal options, including municipal programs such as large-item pickup services, pop-up junk days and spring cleaning events. The initiative will also be supported via social media and advertising.

Local residents, rather than businesses, are responsible for the majority of abandoned waste in their communities, with large household items being most commonly discarded. In 2016, municipalities reported 37,257 incidents of abandoned waste with the most frequently dumped items noted as mattresses, furniture, appliances, carpeting, tires, green waste and larger amounts of household garbage.

Metro Vancouver surveyed members and the public to evaluate and find out attitudes towards disposal of unwanted household items.

“Alarmingly, 60 per cent of residents told us they have in the past, or likely will in the future, illegally dump items, with inconvenience being the deciding factor,” said Metro Vancouver Chair Greg Moore. “We were also surprised to learn that a large proportion of residents – 40 per cent – also thought it was okay dump items in public spaces, believing it is just another form of recycling.”

“We hope people will use our new ‘Waste in Its Place’ resource to help to keep our region clean, “he added.

Residents of Metro Vancouver can find out more about how to dispose of their unwanted items at