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Modulo Paderborn Project Details


Modulo Paderborn


The goal: facilitating more visitors, – even during peak hours – while providing better service. The German Municipality of Paderborn established this with the new public drop off centre that was officially opened on September 15 2019. The split levelled platform also provides a lot of space under deck, including for the storage of all kinds of materials. Because of this, Paderborn can also collect more different recyclables separately. It is one of the reasons the Modulo solution was the preferred choice. This according to an editorial in the German VKS-NEWS. The renowned magazine interviewed manager Dr. Dietmar Regener of the ASP Abfallentsorgungs- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb Paderborn who was in charge of the project.

Better logistics, significant reduction of queuing and better service

Bins at ground level with stairs to facilitate to dispose of waste and recyclables. That was the old situation of the “An der Talle” environmental street in Paderborn, one of the two drop of facilities of Paderborn (ASP) company. The bins on the ground eco-centre was in operation since 2008. Already a few years later, it needed to be expanded due to the growing number of visitors: from 2009, 217,000 visitors annually to 268,000 visitors in 2019. With an average of 200 visitors per hour during peak hours on Saturday. As a result, it became an increasing challenge to guide visitor flows quickly through the environment and to avoid long queues. Paderborn wanted to establish 100% separation between work traffic and visitors. After an extensive market review, Paderborn opted for the Modulo concept. Because Modulo facilitated many more drop off facilities on and under deck without the necessity to move vehicles from on spot to another spot and also because the extra storage space under the raised platform allowed for faster processing of volumes without interfering with traffic as well as it provided more work and storage space for example for different recyclables and raw materials.

Under the deck also a store, operated by The red Cross organization.

Residents very much appreciate the roof. Next step is to execute the roof with solar panels

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