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With > 300 sites, Modulo is world market leader in drop off solutions. Its abilities include related services. Site design and site layout for drop off solutions require a though knowledge of and experience of human behaviour, logistics, waste and recyclables characteristics, available technologies and equipment, software and hardware, environmental and other regulatory requirements.

Modulo’s team and partners include experienced waste management and recycling professionals, experienced professionals in logistics, specifically in retail logistics, experienced professionals in human behaviour. With hundreds of sites designed, built and operated, levelled as well as split levelled solutions, the team’s focus is to provide smart affordable solutions, introduce new innovative technologies ensuring the highest levels of diversion and the lowest costs of operations.


Garbage Drop Off

Recyclables and Waste Characterisation

Residential Waste Drop Off & Removal Centre

Site design layout services

Local Waste Disposal Centre

Queuing simulation

Waste management dump sites

Detailed design services

Recycling Dumpsters near me


e waste disposal center

Permit application support

Site supervising & site employees training

Site Supervisor and site employees training

Waste Recycling Plant

Operating procedures

Solid Waste Management & Transfer Station

Material/ recyclables management